Monday, April 23, 2007

Talking too much

I don't have much to say. I really don't. I like writing, but not so much talking. I feel weird when I talk too much. I like listening.

So I asked one of my closest friends the other day:

"What happens when two people that talk to much get together and have a discussion? Is that even possible. Do they even listen to each other?"

It's just one of those things that had me thinking.

I think the conclusion that we came up with is that one person ends up dominating the conversation.

But is that really fun and engaging? How do you get to know someone that way?

I find the best conversations involve people taking turns; listening and engaging.

I think I'm surrounded by a lot of "talkers" and its interesting when I meet someone that is actually a good conversationalist. Its quite refreshing.

I think its refreshing because I'm surrounded by good conversationalists back "home" and not so much here. But I think that's starting to change... finally!


dk said...

listening is not a passive activity. active listening requires work. some people get too lazy to actively listen to the other person. the best conversations is the constant balanced trading of ideas, stories, information, and advice that somehow enriches each of the parties' lives. no? well, this is my belief.

have you ever gone up to one of these people, and say "hey mate, you talk too much. learn to listen once in a while."

brian james said...

chris and dk, you are both right... the best conversations are had when people take turns and listening requires a lot of work.

i find it hard to meet good listeners.

btw. if your interested in reading my blog, i'm getting back into the writing spirit and i've got a link to you on my page.

Roy said...

hey dk and brian james, you talk too much. learn to listen once in a while.

Just kidding!