Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Taste of Spain Part V - "I don't wanna go to the caves..."

So after spending most of the day in Granada, we head off on our roadtrip to Seville.

The plan was to stop by Malaga for dinner to catch the sunset. Except for an unexpected stopover at Nerja!

What is Nerja? I didn't know either.. nor did I care really. But we had to follow
the Frommer's Best Loved Driving Tours and it suggested to stop by the The Balcon de Europa (The Balcony of Europe) and Nerja's "Caves." ("It has gold stars next to them!" - Roy)

The Balcony of Europe is a cliff that juts out to sea and is enclosed by two sheltered beaches, it is a favourite spot of many visitors with a beautiful view of the Mediterranean. I agreed that this would be a nice stopping point.

But the caves? No thanks. I've seen enough caves in my life. In fact I've been to the Meramec Caverns when I was a kid, so its hard to compete with the "largest single cave formation in the world."

so I whined like a little b!tch and complained that I didn't want to go.

(whiny voice)
"I don't wanna go to the caves..."
(whiny voice)


First, we arrived at 6:15PM and the caves closed at 6:30PM. How can one appreciate rock formations in 15 minutes?

Second, it cost 8 euros to get in to see rocks.

Third, people take buses from Seville to Nerja to see these caves and they spend most of the day appreciating them. (refer to reason one)

Forth, I've seen stalactite formations before, and it doesn't exactly tickle my fancy. Ooo... look at the rock formation.. wow...

Fifth, I wanted to catch the sunset at Malaga.

So basically I'm paying 8 euros to walk through caves I've seen before for 15 minutes. But hey, I'm a team player so I decide to go.

What happens? After the guys taking our ticket curse us in Spanish for showing up 15 min before it closes, we run through the caves in 10 minutes.

At least Roy took this picture:

Beautiful isn't it. Not really. It's not clear because we were running through it and I think he took this picture while we were rushing through it. =)

The Balcony of Europe on the other hand was worth it. Beautiful view of the Mediterranean Sea and the coast.

But after all of it, I'm glad we stopped by Nerja. It produced some funny memories and at least now I know that it doesn't compete with Meramec. At least from what I could tell from the 10 minutes I spent in them. =)

Do we make it to Malaga by Sunset? Kind of. I watched it from the backseat of the car.

To be continued..

Jacket Potato
I had a jacket potato for lunch today. Its basically a baked potato. I had chili, cheese and beans as a topping. What a weird thing to have for lunch. I'm so use to having a baked potato with a juicy fat steak. But having it alone, its just not the same!

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