Sunday, October 15, 2006

Dancing in the UK

So I've been to my fair share of clubs in the UK. Since coming back a week ago, we hit our usual spot on Thursdays and then try to hit a new spot on Saturday.

I've noticed and experienced a few things.

  • People still go crazy here just like they do in the States once JT comes on with Sexyback.

  • I hate to say this, but I have yet to witness a British guy that can really dance. I'm not an expert when it comes to dancing, but I can tell when someone can keep a beat. I've witnessed Asians and Orientals hold a beat, but that's about it.

  • When British guys do dance, they give a new meaning to "dance like nobody's watching!" I was dancing on Thursday and I still have a few bruises from flailing arms and elbows from a guy that was dancing next to me. My colleague was laughing at me because I yelled out: "Get me out of here, there's a crazy British guy dancing!"

  • I have yet to dance with a girl that wants to just "dance." For some reason I think most women here think that if you dance with them you want to hook up. Be that as it may, sometimes I just want to dance with the opposite sex because its fun. Nothing else. It certainly looks better than dancing with another guy! But here, either they're interested in you, or they'd rather not dance at all! Perhaps its the clubs I'm going to. I guess I'm not surprised though because most people I see that end up dancing do end up snogging. Maybe I'm just bitter. =)

  • When I dance by myself, I sometimes get into these really tight spots.. shoulder to shoulder.. but a few seconds later, this space opens up! Like there's this invisible shield around me. Its like people "make room" for me because I have such awesome moves. People just want to stop and watch as if I was JT or Usher. Or maybe not. Maybe, I too, have flailing arms and elbows.

  • I was dancing on Saturday and saw that this woman had a good beat. I got behind her to dance with her, but there was a problem. She had big hair. Unfortunately once I tried to get behind her, the hair would get in my face.. all up in my eyes and mouth. That was annoying. Nothing like tasting hair when you're dancing with someone!

  • I have yet to hear a good hiphop DJ. I've heard real good drum and base, techno/electronica DJs, but have yet to hear anything good as the ones in Chi-Town.

  • We were in the guest list line on Saturday and the girl in front of us asked us: "Is this an 18 or over club? Because I'm 18." Sweet. Luckily once we get in it was an older crowd.

  • I have no game, and I have to find it soon. I swear it was a 3:1 ratio of blokes to birds early on, but yet, I failed to snog. I guess meeting women in clubs is just not my thing. But you know what? The fact that I'm a fool, and think I can, is so much fun.

  • I still can't believe how often people snog on the dance floor.

  • I still can't believe I haven't snogged on the dance floor.

In any case, the first week back wasn't that bad at all. Yes I miss family and friends at home, but at the same time, adjusting wasn't as bad as I thought. You'd think after a month at home I'd be homesick for a few days after coming back. But this time it wasn't that bad! Perhaps because I've spent most of my days back in a pub or a club! Its those times when I sit in my flat alone when it gets to me....


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for some reason it was funnier when u were telling me this in person, especially dancing with the girl with the hair in ur face lol

still good tho

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