Monday, January 22, 2007

Superbowl Shuffle!

All week I was reading the media's take on how the Cinderella team, the New Orleans Saints were going to win with their electrifying offence. I even took part in that ESPN poll where you vote on who you thought was going to win.. I picked the Bears. The rest of the country besides Illinois? New Orleans. "Experts" picks had New Orleans straight across the board. I was thinking the whole time... the Bears defense will be back.. and sure enough they were... I really don't think Urlacher appreciated being pointed at by Reggie Bush. Frankly, I think it fired him up. Granted it was an awesome play, but luckily that's the only celebrating Reggie did the whole game.

So Go Bears!! We're in the Superbowl!

Instead of watching the game all pixelated on my small laptop, I made my way to the west end to watch the big game in the Sports Cafe near Piccadilly Circus. There was a long queue outside and I had to pay 5 quid cover to get in! But alas, it was nice being surrounded by other American Football fans. And as you could imagine, most of them were Americans.

There were was a good number of Bears fans, but out of all the places I decided to stand, (it was really packed) it was around people that were either waiting for the Pats/Colts game or were Saints fans! Oh well, but as the game went on, I struck up conversation with those around me. The few people that I did talk to were students, so I felt real old! And surprisingly, there were a lot of women, but most of them looked really young!

But in any case, its always fun to be surrounded by other fans and even other Americans. Go Bears!


big said...

I love Sexy Rexy!
Go Bears!

ExPat in London said...

Dude, that blog you sent..about SexyRexy I love reading it.

Roy said...

how much are flights from london to miami? it might be cheaper than a flight from chicago to miami.