Sunday, September 16, 2007

Good weekend after a rough week.

It was one of those dreadful weeks. It was about a 50 hour work week, and I was just wishing for the weekend to come sooner than later. In fact, the past two weeks have been pretty rough, which explains my lack of blogging.

Fortunately, the weekend started a bit early with a bit of partying on Thursday, which led to the longest day ever on Friday, especially with a hangover! But no rest for the weary as I hit the pub again on Friday and went clubbing on Saturday.

I'm knackered.


Watched England get rocked losing in Rugby 36-0 against South Africa in the Rugby World Cup. (Did you know the rugby world cup was going on? Didn't think so.) The best part of this was a colleague attempted to explain to me what the hell was going on. Ironically, it was his first time watching a rugby game when a team had scored nil. In this case, sadly, it was England. Despite gaining some understanding of Rugby, American football is way better! And just in case you wanted to know, America is also participating in the world cup. Unfortunately, they are 0-2.

Watching European sport continued as I went to my 2nd Football game! (First one being in February watching Fulham) A former colleague invited me to watch West Ham vs. Middlesbrough. Unfortunately, Middlesbrough lost 3-0. But they had three really close goals. It was an away game for Middlesbrough, my colleagues favourite team, and well, we were in the visitor's section. Very interesting to say the least! Lots of chanting against Middlesbrough and well, the good ol' banter! I wore red to mix in with the other away fans. And the weather was brilliant!

A good time clubbin at Favela Chic! For some reason, its a big difference when you go clubbing with the opposite sex! Maybe because you're guaranteed a dancing buddy for the whole night!
It was a good crowd and awesome music.

And finally, Sunday, watched some F1, caught a movie, and now staying up late, blogging, and watching American Football, cheering on the Bears on p2p streaming video on Sopcast!

I haven't had a nice well rounded weekend in London like this one in a long time.

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bengtoots said...

hey chris, my dad is going to London on Friday and staying for a while. You can probably show him all the good spots to eat!! :)