Monday, January 14, 2008


My mate and I were at a bar and we noticed a couple on the dance floor.

The woman was petite. Maybe a little less than 5 foot. The man was tall. I'd say 6'5''. So, with that much of a height difference, my mate goes and asks me:

"So how do they kiss while they're having sex?"

I didn't know the answer to this question because I've never dated a woman that was over 6 foot. (But I have dated someone taller than me, but that's another story!)

As ramblings go.. I then ask:

"Is there such thing as a really tall overweight person?"

He answers matter-of-factly:

"No there isn't."

I haven't seen one, have you?

I'm talking about close to 7 foot "tall!"

Of course I'd like to state that I have nothing against: overly tall or/and overweight people, or couples with huge height differentials. =)

In any case, I write this because I thought to myself..

"This is so going on my blog." - now known as TISGOMB posts. (inspired by the show - How I met your Mother.)

Which reminds me, I have a few of more "TISGOMB" posts still pending... consider it a way to inspire more blog posts this year..

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Abby said...

tisgomb?! thats awesome. im expecting great blog writings from you this year! no pressure :)