Tuesday, May 29, 2007

and its 5:30am..

Okay, my sleeping schedule is completely out of sync.

Just yesterday, I went to bed at 5:30am, and now I'm waking up at 5:30am.. its pretty crazy. People are slowly getting ready for the trip out to Genoa, Italy and the shower order is set.

The night shower crew, consisting of Phuc, Jim and Dar started first. After a short nap for some of us, the morning crew have just started with Allison leading off. I think we set the pace at 20min a shower to get a 7am departure from the flat to make it the airport a littler after 8am.

For me, this is when my real holiday begins as I've taken a 2 week break from work! Although, the weekend was when the real fun started.

I think I'm getting the hang of the tour guide thing. After a few visits from past friends, I know what places to hit and restaurants to eat at.

We hit up my favourite restaurant yesterday, Shampan, in Brick Lane. It was well received and one of the key stops in the tour. =)

As I said in the past post, London Eye was probably one of the more memorable moments this past weekend. This is where Jim and Phuc joined us to make the group offically complete. We were lucky enough to get our own observation capsule and everyone was so high on caffeine! We took in the beautiful sights of London from up above while taking group pictures! It was very memorable taking it all in especially with Bri yelling in euphoria every 5 seconds as the caffeine took over his whole system! Some would say he was in a state of Euphoria, others could say he was in the brink of insanity!

The adventure continues as we head off to Cinque Terra today!


Chris said...

hello to all the U of I crowd in Europe! hope we can have a "guest blogger" again soon! -big

Renato Tosoc said...

hello to all as well! hope you're having fun out there