Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Every Wednesday is Fruitday.

So at work, every Wednesday is fruit day. Basically, everyone is held in anticipation of this guy that brings this huge basket of fruits to the floor, and he literally announces that the fruit is here. Before he even arrives in the morning, everyone whispers to one other.. "Is the fruit guy here yet?" "Where's the fruit?" "Why isn't it here yet?" Its so hilarious. So when he does come, its like he's Santa Claus with all these presents. He opens up the box, and literally, everyone rushes to get their piece(s) of fruit. It's so fresh too. He even brings these huge watermelons and you have to cut them up! No, not really. That would be funny tho. Could you imagine that! Anyway, so everyone gets their piece of fruit and its so satisfying and refreshing. In the Chicago office we have "cookie day" and "beer and snacks" day. That's America for you. Screw the fruit, bring on the junk food, sweets and alcohol!

Honestly though, there are not a lot of fat people here in the UK. Not that I'm against them in anyway, but people here aren't as overweight as they are in the US. But what I found funny is there is a new reality TV show that's going to premiere here called the "Biggest Loser" which is equivalent to the one in the US. The only problem I have is that when they have the commercial they their theme song is "Fix You" by Coldplay!! Man, now I equate "Fix You" to a reality show where people are trying to lose weight!! URGH!! Anyway, again, as a disclaimer.. nothing against "heavier-set" people.

Moving in..
Crossing my fingers.. I move into my place this Friday. Can't wait. My air and sea shipments arrived so they are all moving my stuff in Saturday. I'm quite excited and finally I can start settling in. Tenant Agreement is signed and all I have to do is wait for the tenant to confirm that they've received the deposit.

Here they call your calendar, "your diary." So to say something like, "make sure you put it in your calendar" the equivalent is "make sure you diarise it."

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Abby said...

every wednesday in abby world is hump day. happy hump day! send/post pics of your new place, please!