Friday, September 30, 2005

Flashing Pedestrian Guy.

So I haven't figured out the timing I need to cross the streets. You would think this would be a real quick skill to learn, but I still haven't mastered it even though I've lived here for a month. Not only are the cars coming from the wrong direction, but the traffic lights are not pedistrian friendly.

In Chicago I mastered my walk to work becauseI knew exactly how much time I needed for the traffic to start and when I needed to get out of the way. I even knew how many times that little pedistrian light would flash until the light would turn green at the opposite intersection. But here, I have yet to figure out when the right time is to cross! I use to be brave and cross when I felt it was safe, but now I've rely on the local brits. I usually wait for someone else to start crossing before I even make an attempt. It's so funny because the street have signs painted on them to tell you what direction to look when you cross! I think one of the problems is that the pedistrian light doesn't flash like it does in the States. At least if it flashed, I would know if it was close to get out of the way!

Well today, I was crossing the street with coworkers on our way to a presentation. Granted it wasn't a busy intersection, but a side street. In any case, I almost got hit! The taxi driver could have pretty much run over my toes if I didn't stop in time. I think it was the fact that we were walking fast because we were running late. My coworker even asked: "Did your whole life flash in front of your eyes?" I said no because I didn't even know the taxi cab was even coming! Luckily they stopped me before I could cross! whew.

Moving out, Moving in
So I moved out of the corporate housing today, and finally moving into my new flat. I leave in 5 min to meet the Inventory Agent to make sure all our demands are met as stated on the tenancy agreement! Then I get the keys! Woohoo!

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