Tuesday, December 20, 2005

"Welcome back."

There's something about the people that work in customs. Typically, they are the first people that ask about your trip, and more importantly, welcome you home.

This time it meant so much more to hear it from another American.

He asked how long I've been away and I immediately said:

"Too long."

Even though it wasn't my hometown Chicago, the next best city to come into would definitely be New York.

The best part was him finally saying: "Welcome back."

Hard to believe that Christmas is this weekend. I have to say, if you haven't been in NYC around Christmas, its something you have to see. I've always seen it in the movies, but the big Christmas tree at Rockefeller center is something you have to see in person. The ice skating rink with all the people, the Christmas music in the background, its a experience you have to have once in your life. I even saw a guy in the middle of the ice skating rink propose!! That was a sight to see!

MTA Strike
Another site to see here in NYC is all the people walking and the lack of cars! There is a mass transit strike that has shut down all trains and buses in the city.
They are also limiting the cars going into Manhattan unless you have 4 people! Its crazy! Its interesting to be here in this city while this is happening.

Mmm.. Burrito
Had my first taste of Mexican food yesterday evening. There's really no such thing as eating a burrito in London, primarily because there are no Mexican restaurants in London! And if there is that off chance you find one, its not very good. So yesterday I had a steak burrito and it was so damn good. But since I'm not use to the big portions, I didn't finish it! =(

Coming home..
Finally... going back to Chi-town tonight. And yes, if you requested something, I did get it. Consider it your xmas present and my the expression of my gratitude for being a faithful reader. :p


Renato M. Tosoc said...

welcome home there, jerkie!

Abby said...

im sooooo behind on your blog. im going crazy cause there's so much to read. argh.

roy said...

wow. boozin' time! or as the brits call it .... what the hell, who cares the brits call it, let's get wasted!

Ren said...

Let's get pissed, mate!

big said...

"mind the ass"