Sunday, January 22, 2006

"It tastes like chicken."

"You know what it really reminds me of? Tastee Wheat. You ever eat Tastee Wheat?"

Ah yes, coming from one of my favourite movies. I think its funny sometimes how people like to compare things to past experiences when describing something so that an understanding can be created between two people.

For example: Let's say for dinner I had frog legs. And if you've never had frog legs I can easily tell you that it tastes like chicken. Immediately you can gain familiarity with my experience because of that simple comment. You understand what chicken tastes like and can immediately relate. Whether or not you will try it is another story.

I find myself using this technique very frequently since I've moved here. Last Friday I went out with a few guys and we went bar hopping. Each and every bar I went to I thought of a bar it would resemble back home. I thought about the people in the bar, the atmosphere, and what part of Chicago the bar would be in. I guess its just my way of creating familiarity with my surroundings.

We went to a few bars. The first was called LoungeLover which was quite cool. Zagat describes it as an "English country house on acid." The lounge was in this dodgy alley. Immediately I tried to compare this lounge to something back home, but I'll admit, its quite unique. But the crowd was definitely River North.

The next was called dreambagsjaguarshoes which apparently got its name from two shops that occupied the site, but now its a very crowded bar with lots of 'artsy' and 'grungy' types. Definitely Wicker Park area bar. The unique thing about this bar is its 'exhibitions' I guess the walls of the bar are painted differently each month depending on the 'exhibition.' So it gives the bar a unique look and feel each time you visit every month.

I really appreciate the times I had a car back in the States. I really do. Today I went grocery shopping for the first time since coming back and I bought a lot. But I decided not to bus it and try walking back home. 15 min walk, no big deal. I was wrong. After stuffing some groceries on my backpack and carrying heavy plastic bags (where the handles cut up your fingers) in each hand, I can say I won't do that again! Next time you go grocery shopping and fill the boot of your car full of your purchases think of the people that don't have that convenience!

Eating well
Being my first trip to the supermarket I thought I'd buy healthy items such as fruits and vegetables, fresh fish, and stay away from fried and greasy food. I was really proud of my purchases and can't wait to cook them all. Unfortunately, I had a craving for fast food and bought a Big Mac for dinner. It doesn't help that I have a McDonald's just outside of my flat. I tell ya, the BigMac doesn't taste the same as I remembered. Maybe its because there wasn't enough of that thousand island secret sauce on it.

Blank Stare
Coming out of my elevator I saw one of my neighbours. I smiled and said "Hello!" and he look at me and gave me a blank stare. So much for being friendly.

If you had a laptop with a wireless internet connection, have you ever taken it to the bathroom with you to surf the internet to "pass" time? I tried it once, but its just so weird.


Renato M. Tosoc said...

I don't know if I've ever put anything in the boot of my car.

Renato M. Tosoc said...

Surfing the net while on the can is great! It's just like reading a magazine.

dk said...

can you steal one of those shopping carts and push one of those with your groceries all the way home? sure ppl will thing you're a vagrant, but who cares?
do they have a grocery delivery service like a peapod which you can use instead?

surfing on the net in the bathroom is perfectly normal.

Nick said...

What exactly are you guys looking for on the internet IN THE BATHROOM?! I wonder...maybe toilet paper reviews on Consumer Reports?