Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Online Dating

Has anyone tried this? Is it weird meeting someone online? I honestly think I'd be open to it. I'm signed on friendster and myspace but these sites are more tailored to meeting old friends or showing off how many friends you have. =) Just as a tangent, I sometimes cruise through these sites to look at all these 'self portraits' people put up on their page. Its so hilarious. You gotta love people that spend all this time taking pictures of themselves so they can upload it to their friendster or myspace page. It's so funny. Gotta love the self-portrait from the webcam! Or even the random people that ask to be your friend but you have no idea who this person is. I love online communities.. so addicting to look through.

I'll admit, I've sent a 'smile' and sent random messages to people I don't know.. Sometimes I'll get a response, more often won't. Its all in good fun.

I'm in those London groups for Myspace and Friendster, but I think its not enough. I've been itching to fill out one of these 'profiles' on these online dating sites for fun.

So I did. OMG.. What a PITA!! It was for fun, but I didn't know it took so much hard work!

What I long process... you gotta fill out all these damn questions, check these checkboxes, fill out these dropdowns, I swear it was worse than filing for taxes.. Where's the mystery when you're revealing everything.. so I tried to answer only the required fields.. =)

I love those questions where you have to rate your looks, body type, etc. Of course you are going to try and sell yourself. There's one question that I laughed at..

"How honest were you in filling out this survey?" HAHAHA.. good stuff.

But I can't think of anything catchy that would make my profile stand out... first you have to think of a login name, then they have these taglines on top of your picture that I guess serves as your 'selling point.' I was trying to think of a few..

I love looking through the women profiles and reading their taglines..
"Where have all the good men gone?" or "Looking for my knight in shining armour" or "Looking for my soulmate!"

Its so funny.. I'm not making fun, but it just such a new concept to me..

There's also this required field where you have to describe yourself with at least 20 words.. what a pain... so once you describe yourself, you spend the next 20 pages filling out what characteristics you are looking for.. I guess all these questions make sense so you can filter through your 'requirements.'

It is pretty impressive though once you fill a profile out, because depending your requirements and her requirements, you get this percentage rating on how her requirements match yours!

So just by answering a few hundred questions, a percentage can determine whether you have a match! The worst part of all of this is even if you are remotely interested in this 'match' You can't even contact this person because you have to pay for a subscription!!!

So I figure I'll put my profile out there and see what bites. =) My profile explicitly stated that I was all about just meeting up and chillin.. so we'll see what happens.

I'm still that hopeless romantic where I believe I will meet someone just like Ewan McGregor in Big Fish, or John Cusack in Serendipity..(or his other romantic comedies)

Oscar Nominations are out! And Lucas snubbed out of 'Visual Effects'? I guess he at least got Makeup. I have to catch up on my movies.. perhaps catching Brokeback this weekend.. maybe even with a cowboy hat! Thing is, where does one get a cowboy hat in London?

Adventure suggestions
Please keep them coming. I want to do one this weekend.

State of the Union
Is on tonight.. well, 2AM for me.. which I could see what Mr. President has to say.


dk said...

Geez, it sure took you long enough to jump on the online dating bandwagon. The whole idea that online dating is a taboo thing for lonely losers is a thing of the past...rather it is the wave of the future. I honestly believe that within the next 5 years, half of the world population who has internet access will have tried online dating. Everyone is doing it. It is very common. I wish you luck on your quest for that special companionship you are seeking for. And you'll find out that you will have to subscribe at some point.

Speaking of cowboy hats, you know what's in these days?...Cowboy boots for men. Apparently, it's becoming a fad in the fashion world. I don't think I can get into to it.

If you want, we can bring you some cowboy accessories and clothing from the US. That way, you can really be show off your yankee/western self to the british community.

m212 said...
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m212 said...

I did it and wrote an article about it few years ago....it also inspired a friend do to a documentary about singles and their online pursuit....
It was such an experience..met some amazing people...had a few bad ones too..
Nowadays I've seen people who sucessfully find their significant other through online dating services..It is a ground for building a "dating ladder"..beside it doesn't pay to give up on dating..even I'm also a big believer of fate( I got this "let fate be the hunter" attitude)..

If you find that charming prospect..just remind yourself to relax and be comfortable..after all it is just what platonic dating is all about..If this online dating things is not for you ..you can always go back to the old way of meeting someone--going to the bar and hitting someone when you're drunk enough(just teasin' :p) have to end this one..I'm begginning to sound like a shrink..

Weekend Idea--->gallery hopping..

Yay..I'm planning to see brokeback mountain this weekend....too bad you're in London..

hope you're having a good week

roy said...

One more choose your own adventure:

Take your own photo of your online dates and compare them to the photos they posted in their online profiles; then post the two side by side on this blog for feedback ...

Renato M. Tosoc said...

There's absolutely nothing wrong with online dating. You can pay bills online, you can buy groceries online, why shouldn't you be able to meet someone online? The internet is a community and we meet most of our friends and associates in our communities. Online should be no different.

We're looking forward to the reports on your first date. We still more updates on yoga and choose your own adventure.

Way to create a buzz for yourself. These blogs have become very entertaining. We just need more pictures and raunchy stories.

dk said...

yes, chris...we want more More MORE MORE!!! More pictures, more crazy stories, more updates more often...pleeeeze.

look what you started with your blog.

roy said...

btw, let us know which website your profile is posted on so that we can make some recommendations to maximize your returns ...