Wednesday, November 02, 2005

I think I'm going to go...

I still can't get over the fact that I have this great opportunity to travel Europe and its cities just over a weekend. Its pretty amazing.

Just today a coworker, who is also an Expat, suggested to the rest of us Expats in London to take a trip to Florence, Italy next month. It sounded like a good idea, but some ideas don't come to fruition. But sure enough, he got the ball rolling, planned an itinerary, and eventually everyone jumped in. Just like that, a group of us are going to Italy over a weekend. Unbelievable.

I guess that was one of the reasons why I moved over here. The opportunity to travel. The ability to just decide in a whim, hey I think I'm going to visit Italy next month.

Which makes me wonder. How come when I'm in Chicago, I don't plan trips like this over the weekend. "Hey, I'm going to go to LA this weekend!" Or hey, "I'm going to Wyoming this weekend!" (I mean, who seriously has been to Wyoming? Nothing against it, I just don't know anyone that has.) I guess I could, but I think the novelty isn't there because I'm local? Not sure. Maybe if it was the other way around and I was an expat from Europe and moved to the States I'd be doing the same thing. Who knows. But I'll tell you this, I don't think a trip to LA over a weekend would cost about a $100. Trips to mainland Europe run around this price which makes weekend getaways much more appealing.

But how long?
I'm always asked by the locals here the question of how long I'm going to stay. My typical answer is "2 years." My goal is definitely at least 2 years. But maybe 2 years isn't enough? I really can't say. All I know is that its probably one of those feelings I'll get in my head when I know its time to go back home. But right now, I know there are a long list of places I want to see here in Europe before I go back: cities in Spain and Italy, Greece, southern France, Hungary, the northern countries like Norway, Sweden, Finland to name a few. And next month, its Florence, Italy. Its too bad I'm going to go with 6 other guys. Not sure a romantic gondola ride is part of the itinerary. =) But it should be some crazy debauchery.

I'll admit though, finding a significant other sometime in the future would be pretty nice with all these European cities at my disposal. Could you imagine taking a significant other to Paris over the weekend? Or Madrid for some tapas and sangria? Oh the trips would be endless. But alas, single for now and enjoying it. (So he says so confidently.. been single for like 10 years now, actually 5 yrs, 3 months.. 22 days.. just kidding) The self belittling is simply for humour.

But anyway, I somehow ended up here in London for a reason. I know part of it is due to my career, but I know there are other reasons too and I guess I learn about a new one each and every day.

So today, someone was telling a story about going to the bathroom.. and they used the phrase...

"So I went for a 'wee' in the loo."

Hahahaha.. you wouldn't ever catch me saying that. It sounds so hilarious for some reason. =)


Abby said...

2 years, 4 months, 8 days to be exact. hehe...joke lang namaan. and a lot of dating in between. when am i gonna see your pictures?

Pete said...

Nowt wrong with wee in the loo. Better there than the sink.
A former colleague from Coventry used the phrase 'laughed until wee warmed my socks' now that's a daft phrase and not an image you want to be left with. Especially when it was a woman in her 40s

Rob said...

hey chris... yeah... uh, chuck, kuya BJ and I have been to Wyoming. So now you know three people. :P