Wednesday, November 09, 2005

London Soundtrack

So most movies and some TV shows have a musical soundtrack. In a way each song is pertinent to a particular TV episode or movie scene. I'm starting to realize that I need a "London Soundtrack."

It's like back in the day, when you use to make a mix tape for that special someone. You thought really hard about what slow jam would describe how you feel about that person and you would have to come up with the right amount of songs to fit onto the analog tape. Or even in modern times, creating "seasonal" CDs like the "summer 2004" CD which would have the cool songs you would love listening to during that time. Each tape or CD would capture and freeze a moment in time and the music you would've listened to. So I think I'm starting to collect songs for my soundtrack.

I haven't really thought about what songs would be in it until I heard one song yesterday. The song is called "Two More Years" by Bloc Party. Now, the lyrics don't particularly pertain to any specific feeling I have about a past relationship or past experience. The chorus is so catchy and I feel it captures my stay here in London. Not to say that I'm only staying here for two years, but when I first heard it, that's the first thing I thought of.

Then I started to think of other songs that would be part of this soundtrack. Sadly another song I thought of right away was "Push The Button" by Sugababes. Why this song? Because it was the first catchy pop song that caught my ear when I first arrived! Then there's "Fix You" by Coldplay. I think I mentioned this previously in my blog, but they would use this song to advertise the reality show "UK's Biggest Loser." I loved this song before, but it was interesting to hear it as part of a plug for a reality show. I'm sure the list will grow as my stay here progresses, but those are the first three I can think of off the top of my head.

Then my mind would wander a bit more and I started thinking of theme songs and what particular song would play if I entered a room?? This was a tough one. But immediately it came to me. It wouldn't be some slow jam, indie tune or popular pop song.

Do you know the theme song to the old comedy What's Happening? Oh man, that would be my song that would play when I enter a room. Why? Because when I hear the song I think of being goofy and and I think of Rerun, Raj or Dwane..

I picked up this habit from my sister of looking at people's shoes. We believe that looking at people's shoes can tell a lot about a person's personality. Well going to lunch today I saw a guy that works for the company, and he had a hole in his shoe! I mean it wasn't like there was a hole by his big toe, but there was a hole big enough for me to notice his socks. I mean c'mon! If there is any other indication when to get new shoes its when you can see your socks!

I almost wanted to say: "Dude, you have a hole in your leather shoe."


big said...

great picks so far for your soundtrack - i make up soundtracks in my head to just about anything. Bloc Party is huge in the U.K...not so much here in the States just yet. and Coldplay? i can't wait for Dec. 16th. ;-)

shoes do matter. and so does size. what.

Abby said...

the What's Happening? theme song is your song? LOL. too funny...

roy said...

Bloc Party's awesome. You should try the band Clap Your Hands Say Yeah ... apparently they are doing three shows in England, and they'll be in London on 11/22, but it's sold out ... maybe you can get some scalped tickets there.

Renato M. Tosoc said...